Photo Gallery of Tarifa, Costa de la Luz, Andalusia, Spain

The small coastal town of Tarifa is located on the most souther tip of main land Spain, in the region of Andalucia, in the middle of the Straits of Gibraltar, with the continent of Africa only 14km distance, and the meeting point of the Mediterranean and Atlantic sea.


It has escaped the massive constructions other coastal regions suffered due to the fact it remained in the military hands till recently, and then was proclaimed the Natural Park of the Straits of Gibraltar and was protected by law on coastal construction, leaving it as a charming Andalusian coastal town, pretty much how its been for the last century, apart from a few small changes.


Tarifa is famous for the biggest bird migrations in the world, between Europe and Africa, the whale watching, windsurfing and water sport activities, the night life, and great dinning and hotels in the area. 


The weather makes it an ideal destination for the tourism, and the summers are dry and hot, and the winters mild. It can get windy in Tarifa, and this is one of the key ingredients in keeping it low key for the mass tourism industry. 


Tarifa is close to Malaga airport, Jerez and Gibraltar, and is a great point to explore the rest of southern Andalusia.